Mental Health

Mental Health… an introduction 

Right… let’s talk about mental health.  Would you like to go first?  No?  Oh.  Sure?  Ok then here we go, mental health… an introduction.

Firstly, congratulations if you’ve just waded through my extensive life history in ‘About me’. 

As I said, mental health isn’t my passion… it’s not my chosen field of study… I’d much rather write about sport or travel or just about anything else.  Come to think of it, I’m not even that keen on writing… isn’t that just like homework?   

No, I’m very much at the wrong end regards this subject.  You could say the subject chose me.  That’s because I’ve experienced periods of depression… anxiety… mental chatter etc.  There I said it.  I’m a depressed man!  Although I prefer to think of myself as a recovering depressed man.

Ok, now we’ve established I know little about poor mental health, apart from being a sufferer… where do we go from here?  What is the point of this site and what on earth am I going on about, you’re probably thinking.  Ok… Ok… go easy on me… I’m fragile!

Mental Health... an introduction 

Firstly, this site is for everyone.  If you haven’t suffered a period of depression or poor mental health or whatever you want to call it, then you’ve been very lucky.  If you are one of the lucky ones then you will probably know somebody who has suffered.  If you don’t know anybody, then they probably just hid it from you.  This topic affects all of us in some way.

I will try to give a little extra focus on men’s mental health issues.  Not because I think they’re more deserving of attention, it’s just that they are often rubbish at seeking help.  I am one… I know.  Women are so much better at asking for help, from what I’ve observed. 

I understand why men find opening up more difficult.  Men are supposed to be able to cope with anything… right?  Well actually, no.  Times are changing and saying you ‘can’t cope’ no longer carries the stigma it once did.  Of course, some people will still view you as weak etc, but frankly, they’re dinosaurs.  Don’t let others misplaced beliefs and prejudices dissuade you from seeking help.

As I said, I’m in no way qualified on this topic.  I don’t give advice and I don’t pretend to offer any solutions.  I do give opinions and theories based on my own experiences.  I also report and reflect, on the views of more qualified people than myself.  I’ve personally, tried various flavours of counselling and done a lot of research in pursuit of resolving my own issues, which does give me some insight.  If what you read resonates with you in some way and helps, then this has all been worthwhile. 

It’s not all going to be all doom and gloom and endless soul searching.  In my experience, constantly reflecting on the state of your own mental health isn’t helpful.  I want to bring hope and positivity and a bit of fun thrown in too.  Sometimes a bit of gallows humour can make you smile even during the toughest circumstances.  I know it’s helped me.

My final thought is, to try not to overburden yourself and stress about things you can’t control.  You have a lot to contend with as it is.  Think… ‘I am enough’.




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